Infrared Thermometer Uses And Benefits

Non contact Infrared thermometer plays a important role in our day to day life, by taking temperature reading of
hazardous or physically inaccessible objects such as high-voltage parts without coming close to it. Using Infrared thermometer is also very easy, just aim the object and press the button and you will get the reading on the LCD display. Another reason for its popularity is they provide reading very fast just in few seconds, users don’t have to wait for minutes to get the reading.
Infrared (IR) thermometers do not measure the temperature of the object, rather they measure reflected infrared light emitted by the object. This reading can be correlated to a specific surface temperature of the product being measured. All IR thermometers calculate a temperature value based upon an assumption concerning the emissivity character of the measured object. The sensors of the infrared thermometer collect the energy reflected from the targeted object, which is then amplified and converted into a voltage output. This voltage reading is further converted into digital temperature reading by CPU and displayed on the LCD display.

Factors That Affect IR Thermometer Reading

Infrared thermometers provide very fast temperature reading and are generally very accurate. But there are several factors that can affect the temperature readings:

  • Distance to Spot ratio (D:S ratio): D:S ratio indicates the size of the measured area of the object and the distance between the object and the IR thermometer.
  • Emissivity: Emissivity is generally set at 0.95 for most models but can be reset for higher end expensive models of IR thermometer. Emissivity varies depending on the colour, reflectivity, shape, etc. of the object being measured. For large volume orders emissivity can be set specific to the product to be measured for greater accuracy.
  • Range: The farther the distance from the object to be measured the lower the accuracy of temperature reading.

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Best Cast Iron Skillets For Your Daily Cooking

Recently cast iron skillets have made a come back, more and more people are now realizing the benefits of cooking daily meals in cast iron cookwares. Unlike most modern cookwares, cast iron skillets does not have any harmful chemical coatings. They also have many health benefits including providing dietary nutrients such as iron which is very beneficial for our health. Today’s cookware are expensive and are not durable, in contrast cast iron skillets are inexpensive that can be brought as cheap as $15 and they can last for generations. Many people may find cast iron cookwares old fashioned, but the reality is cast iron skillets are very popular among professional chefs.
When you cook in a cast iron cookwares like skillet or pans, a tiny amount of the iron leach in the food you cook, this increases iron content in your diet. Various studies have shown such as this article published in the Journal of Food Science. Iron rich foods such as beans, spinach and fruits like apple are essential for good health, so while cooking in a cast iron skillet we get additional iron that boost our iron intake requirement.

Apart from the health benefit in cooking cast iron skillets, there are many more advantages of using them. Some are listed below:

  • Cast Iron skillets can withstand extremely high temperature, this make it ideal cookwares for many chefs to experiment various dishes that needed to be cooked at high temperature.
  • Most non stick cookwares have Teflon coating which contains per-fluorocarbons. This chemical coatings are very harmful to our health and can cause damage to liver and many other developmental problems. Some studies says cooking daily meals in Teflon coated pans can lead to cancer. Cast iron skillets provide a perfect alternatives to this non stick pans. When properly seasoned they can be as good as any other non stick pans.
  • Since food does not stick on the surface of cast iron cookwares, cleaning them is quiet easy. You don’t even require soap, just rinse it in the running water and it would be clean as new.
  • Cast iron skillets are inexpensive and you only have to buy once in your lifetime
  • Cast iron skillets distributes heat evenly, this make food cooked in it taste good.
  • Seasoned cast iron skillet requires less oil to brown crispy potatoes or sear chicken.

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Different Types of Lock

Locks are perhaps most widely used security devices and is also the most useful and effective in safeguarding your properties and valuables. Locks are used not only on doors to prevent outside intruders, but they are used on anything where access need to be controlled such as cars, containers, safes, gates, windows etc. With the rise in burglary each year, it has became vitally important that high quality door locks to be installed on your exterior doors. Door locks forms the primary defense line against the burglaries and theft. But you should not rely only on door locks, but it should be supplemented with additional security devices such as alarm system and motion lights. Door locks in most cases only deters or delay the entry, but if the burglar is determined he is most likely able to get in through various lock picking and bumping techniques. So a proper assessment of all hardware, including windows, door frames and jambs, must be included in any physical security survey.

Different Types of locks

Locks varies greatly in both appearance as well function or application. They can be broadly divided in to three categories, 1. Mechanical locks – that operate on mechanical principles. 2. Electro Mechanical locks – that uses electrical energy along with mechanical operations. 3. Electronic locks – that make use of integrated circuits for various logic operations.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks mostly uses key for its operation. Various type of mechanical locks include warded, pin tumbler locks and lever locks. Most of these mechanical locks can be opened easily by an expert burglar, but they do delay and in some cases discourage the offender.
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Best Vegetable Slicers For Your Daily Need

Every professional chef would agree that vegetable slicer or more specifically mandoline slicers are great little gadget to have in any kitchen. They are such a handy tool that makes your life in kitchen much easier and also quicker. Mandoline slicer does variety of cutting and slicing job and are perfect tool for making salad and slicing various kind of vegetables and fruits. If you are among those who like to present the food in a beautiful way, then mandoline slicer is just for you. It slices vegetables in uniform thickness and in the shape you want including waffle cut, julienne or large ribbon strands. They make slicing job so simple and almost effortless. Furthermore if you want to fond of making french fries then buy a mandolin potato slicer especially design for making beautiful french fries.

Vegetable Slicer Reviews

There are tons of different vegetable or mandoline slicers available in the market. They varies in functions, features and in prices. Many mandoline slicer comes with three blades for different types of cut along with the storage cabin to store the extra blade. But not all slicers are ideal to use, some are made of cheap plastic material, while others are poor in providing safety. Below are the some of the best vegetable slicers that provide excellent slicing cuts and also provide sufficient safety.

Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline
Swissmar Borner Mandoline Slicer Review

Swissmar Borner V Slicer is perhaps the best mandoline slicer that produces incredibly clean slices and julienne strips. You can slice or dice onions at an amazing speed and also what makes this slicer standout from other is that it needs very little force to slice even the hardest of vegetables like sweet potatoes. This slicer can be use to make french fries, onion rings, potatoes, carrot, zucchini or any other vegetables. It consists of rectangular cutting deck and a V shaped slicing blade. There are three removable blades that provide slices of different thickness and cuts. The blade inserts act as a guide for slicing against the V-frame’s knife that reverses to create slices either 3.5mm or 7mm thick and two julienne inserts for creating 1/8-inch or 3/8-inch strips. Another important feature of this slicer is it provide excellent safety, It comes with a safety holder that firmly grips food with stainless-steel prongs so fingers are protected from the sharp stainless blades, and the three inserts accompanying the device lock in position. Two rubber feet on the bottom of the cutting deck helps the slicer firmly secure on the cutting board. Cleaning the Swissmar mandoline slicer is extremely simple. The components can be easily disassembled making cleaning job much easier and most of its components are dishwasher safe. A plastic storage case is provided to store all components.
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